Dear Coach Scott, Thank you for teaching us!
Thoughts from very smart (and talented )6 year olds!
I liked that you taught me how to shoot and pass: Jadden
Crab soccer was my favorite: Neala
Pirates was fun: Sasha
Soccer was new for me and I liked it! : Rowan
I am really good! I liked jumping over fire: Harmony
The last day was the best! Andrew
I learned how to dribble : Roshni
Soccer is the best!
I thought Coach Scott was very patient. He is excellent with young children. He was always prepared and organized.: Mrs. McLean
When Coach Scott told us to be quiet we suddenly stopped and listened to him . Thank you Coach scott.
I loved playing crab soccer it was one of my favorite things we did.: Miranda
I hadnít know lots about soccer. Thank you for teaching me new things. Samantha
I had fun: Garrett
Thanks for teaching me tricky things: Kaylee
Thank you for teaching us: Youssef
I loved playing the game: Maryam
I loved at the end of soccer we were playing like in a real game. : Asha
Katie Thank you , you were funny.
Thank you it was hard: Alisha
I am going to be the best soccer player in the world: Ronan
Thank you Coach Scott and Pass Soccer for a FANTASIC week!
          From Students in Grade One Room 3

Hi Tyrone, Hope everything is good. Not sure if you remember me from a single season over 10 years ago with Crowfoot (U-13 with Scotty). I've been meaning to write to you for the last little while to say thanks for the important lessons I learned while I was on your team. The habits you instilled in me of the rewards of hard work and "practice makes perfect" have really made a difference in every aspect of my life. These lessons have definitely helped me follow my dreams so far in academia - I finished as the top student in engineering at the University of Waterloo as an undergrad, and I am currently doing my PhD at Harvard and MIT, aiming to be a top cancer researcher. I seriously consider that season with you as my coach as a major turning point in my life so just wanted to quickly write a note to say thanks. Hope to run into you sometime when I'm back in Calgary visiting! Thanks again.
          Sandeep, Former Student

...Just a note to let you know that Madison enjoyed the 3 day Pass camp last week!! She came home totally ‘exhausted’ the first day, saying it was a lot of fun!! Thanks for your efforts…….
          Erin , Parent

...Just wanted to let you know that Melanie had a great time at the Pass Camp in Sylvan Lake! She said it was fun and that all the instructors were super! Thanks for this opportunity!
          Joyce, Parent

...I want to thank you, your team and Craig Forest for the fantastic keeper camp you held over the Easter break (2008). My son...enrolled in your program with a keen interest in developing as a keep...The positive and fun atmosphere during the three short days of your camp allowed him to blossom and almost entirely rekindled his soccer spirit. As a father, I thank you for that. Spencer truly had a wonderful time and I could see his progression visually on a daily basis. As a coach, I recognize the importance of introducing new ideas, new energy and most importantly new inspiration in players. Your program clearly delivered these in spades. As a bonus, the development in Spencer’s skills and confidence is dramatic, hard to believe in such a short time. I must give Spencer credit to digging deep and pushing himself forward but your program and your camp leaders created the type of environment that allowed for and actively encouraged his moving forward. Something was done right since he was given a trophy for his efforts; which is also a reflection of the leader’s efforts.
...please pass on my thanks for a job well done!...
I also want to extend my thanks to Craig Forrest. He was wonderful with the kids. By the smiles I saw on everyone’s faces this applies to kids of all ages, whether participating or observing. Craig is truly a class-act for taking the time to provide individual attention and advice. Since the camp, Spencer has enthusiastically commented about his time at camp particularly when he sees programs such as “Living Legends”
Spencer wrote the following of his own accord and would like to have it passed onto Craig:
      Dear Craig,
      Thank you for helping me out. You really got my confidence back! I learned a lot and had fun! Thank you for coming to Calgary for the PASS camp!
As a final note, I saw a marked improvement in every participant’s skills by the end of the camp. Surely this is as good a commendation to the success of the program as any, but the lasting memories of such a positive atmosphere are a testament to the instructors, leaders and guest’s commitment to the development of the “beautiful games” future in our country.
          Curtis, Parent & Coach

...I just wanted to thank you very much for putting together this year's camp (Expo). It will be Gill's first time attending and she is really excited about the whole idea, so much so that she has withdrawn from a 10k race being held Sunday, and one where she usually hits the podium. That should give you an idea of her enthusiasm after hearing of the four days you have organized for the benefit of the soccer fiends in Calgary. Thank you again for all your time and expertise. It should be a great camp (Expo)!...
          Claire, Parent

...I just wanted to drop you a note to say, “Thanks!”
The boys won their last game 13 – 2 and really put on a clinic for the other team about first touch, ball control and shooting from EVERYWHERE—it was nothing short of spectacular. As much as I’d love to take the credit for their accomplishments these past few seasons, I really have to hand it to you guys. Your program is fantastic; the kids (and me) look forward to training with you more in the future. ...
          Michael, Coach

Hello,...Jack had so much fun at camp this year, you will MOST definitely see him next year and maybe at some other camps/clinics that you run. Take Care...
          Susan, Parent

...Hi, I am not sure if you read all of your emails, but I wanted to give some feedback. We drove from 4 hours away and despite the weather, were greatly impressed with the soccer camp. We had two kids in the tots program and because we had to leave Friday, the kids joined the age group above. We thought the coaches were phenomenal, they had great enthusiasm, control and rapport with the kids. Most importantly, our kids had a blast, learnt a lot and can't wait for next year!! Thanks for the great job...
          Duchscherer Family, Parent

...My son Jack attended your camp last week and LOVED IT!!! Joe and Hoagy were his coaches. He received two metals as well!! I think having the photographer there was awesome. ...
          Susan, Parent

...I just wanted to say that I had a great time the past two weeks (as always). Unfortunately on Friday I had to leave early, and did not get a chance to say thank you to Matt and Tommo, please pass this on.
Since I’ve started working with PASS, I feel I’ve improved and had a chance to work on my individual skills...
          Janna, Player

...I would like to extend a great thank you for the wonderful soccer camp that my daughter attended! The British Invasion camp was a blast for her and she really gained more than just soccer skills from this camp. A special thank you should go out to Jessica as she made an extra effort to help my daughter adjust as she is extremely introverted and Jessica went out of her way to pull Sara out of her shell! You have a wonderful coach and an excellent person on your team and I really thought I would let you know how she helped us out! Jessica is extremely valuable and we really loved her help!
Please let her know how much we appreciated her help!...
          Sherri, Parent

...I just wanted to let you know that out of all of the soccer training that our son has attended we have enjoyed the results and the fun involved in PASS the most. We discovered your classes at the soccer center last year...
          Keri , Parent

Tyrone...I also need to let you know about the difference it has made in Austin's playing (being apart of the Soccer School and Soccer Star Challenge). Last summer (May/June Skills) and summer camp was the first technical training that Austin had ever taken. He was placed in a Division C U10 team. This year he was placed in Division 1 and (I just found out this weekend) was 1 of 4 players red circled to move up into the Signal Hill CMSA team (there are 10 teams of U10 boys in Signal Hill). His coach told me on Saturday that they wanted to talk to us about moving him onto this team. Wow - what a difference the technical training has made. The coach specifically said that his footwork and ball handling skills were very good. On top of this Austin is really loving the game.
Thanks again...for all your help and encouragement...
          Joy, Parent

Greetings Tyrone, Tommy and Shaun...My team and coaching staff recently had the opportunity to work with you during your visit to Winnipeg in April. The newly formed group of 11 year old young ladies had the opportunity to attend the Team Skill Development camp and had a wonderful experience. You took the girls back to proper basics of first touch, passing, dribbling and shooting challenging the entire team to concentrate quality touches.
As a coach with a new team it has enabled me to have all of the girls on the same page, building their skill together as a team. In one week you turned 13 individual players into a group of young ladies working as a team. This past weekend the Bonivital Inferno Blue D9 girls became the Champions of the Festival of Soccer tournament.
Thanks again and we will see you again this summer...
          Kevin/Joanne/Rhonda, Coaches

Tommy and Shaun...I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate you two on developing such a wonderful clinic that is obviously a hit among players and coaches alike. Not too bad for some "pro" English football players. I, as a player and as a first time coach, thoroughly enjoyed learning some of the aspects of the game that you both had to offer, and the participation aspect of the clinic was quite beneficial. The enthusiastic and energetic approach to coaching that you both provide is engaging and influential. You have also done a great job at balancing discipline with fun, which is something that more youth coaches should aspire to do.
I've always thought that mentally, I knew enough technical skills and such to play the game, but I've never enforced how important the basics were, in my own training and on the girls that I assistant coach. It's like every generation of coaches assume that their players have already learnt the basics from their previous coaches and move on to more complicated skills, when really, as uncovered in training, the basics are usually the toughest skills to master. A refresher on the basics and new some new drills to apply them to was just what I needed.
Soccer was once described to me as a dance, so now I'm excited to be able to practice and share my new moves with my teammates and players, especially “pinging”. Thank you again for giving the some of the soccer players and coaches of Winnipeg such a beneficial experience, and I hope to see you guys and the Premiere Academy of Soccer Skills in town again sometime soon ...
          Alexandra, Coach

Tommy...The trip was great, definitely an experience of a life time. I got accepted into Cirencester town f.c...the quality of football was high but it was very fun and I will never forget it. Cirencester's facilities were class and the manager's seem very good and highly qualified. All in all it was a trip of a life time and thank you very much for the opportunity for me to go over... .
          Jaron, Player

Tyrone...I am looking forward to it. You just finished training him (Ryan) on Friday nights at the Currie Barracks. He really liked Mario and you a lot. He picked up a lot of good technical points with your program.
          Corey, Parent

Tyrone...Thanks for the great Christmas Camp. Kristen had a great time, and loved playing her favorite game. I was impressed how the instructors were able to get the kids so interested in the program, even during what is an off time for most kids.
Like always it was another superbly run program!
          Penny, Parent

Tommy...Thank you very much to train my son-Steven through Soccer Star Challenge program.
To my best knowledge, Steven have moved up one big step in term of his soccer skills and game skills through PASS Soccer Star Challenge.
He used to be a very good defense player. Right now, he made significantly progress on his offense skills and scoring ability.  Meanwhile, I am very happy to see that his soccer game play level is much higher than his soccer skill level. I can see he has great ability to compete with those players from premier club(s).
   For sure, he will join next PASS Star Soccer Challenge Program...as well as other programs through PASS in order to improve his soccer skills.  He will try the best to play his game and practice more because he has more room to improve on soccer his skills...
          Zihui, Parent

Mario...I...would like to thank you and the crew of coaches that showed up to help train our kids (and coaches) over the 4 days. I know the kids had a blast and the coaches learned a lot and became more comfortable running your drills when you guys weren’t there. After seeing and watching how the PASS team interacts (especially you) with the kids, it sure makes me feel good about the PASS directed camps I have registered my son (Eijaz – 6 ½ years) in the past and will most definitely do in the future. You offer the right balance of technical training, skill development, soccer drills, professionalism, respect, team focus and most importantly – FUN...
Tyrone ...thank you immensely for coordinating...and for being able to make this partnership work and hopefully continue to build on a longer-term relationship as we have already received approval to make this into an annual camp within our community based on the positive feedback we have received from parents...
...Once again, thank you for being open to develop this partnership. Also, please pass on my appreciation to Marco, Matt, Victoria, Kailani, Jess, Shaun and Scott for their help...
          Hanif, Coordinator

...Heywood really enjoyed the camp. You guys did a great job...
          Iris, Parent

...I would like to extend a warm thanks to you and the coaching staff during the British Invasion Camp 2006. My U-10 Girls Team, the PSA Wildthings, had a fabulous week filled with hard drills and conditioning as well as plenty of smiles and good times.
     Here in Canada, many experts feel that there are no youths in the system that can make a go at playing a high level of soccer whether professionally or for scholarships to major Universities. I am quite perplexed by this overwhelmingly negative assumption. Through my experience with PASS, you do not fall victim to making such bold assumptions. Instead you continue to focus on providing kids a forum for them to learn a wonderful sport rich in culture and tradition. This focus will allow the kids to realize their own potential and not what others have already predetermined. I thank you for that.
     Each year I continue to see vast improvements in my kids after having spent time with your technical coaches. The improvements are either on the fundamentals or the desire to want to reach a higher level within themselves.
     My girl’s team had a fabulous time with Mario. As a coach, Mario made a tremendous difference in getting these girls to think about the level of soccer needed to compete at U-12 indoor. His discipline with the girls was tremendous. I would recommend that if a coach is going to send a team to a week long camp, they need to also take time off and learn what is being instructed to the players. One of the biggest barriers for coaches is the lack of consistency between technical instruction and coaching. Coaches need to learn what is being provided to their players in order to continue the fundamentals through to their own team practices.
     I was also very impressed with “Big Kevin” Francis. His demeanor with the girls was nothing short of extraordinary. His patience and interaction with my girls was fantastic and made for some tremendous photo opportunities.
     For my son Gavin, his soccer continues to evolve and flourish under your guidance and continual pressure to obtain a higher level of soccer within himself. Although his abilities may not be as polished as some players, I have yet to meet a player his age that has a burning desire to want to go further, harder, and faster. He is at a time in his soccer where he will continue on his current level or be switched on and take it to another higher level. The coaches for his training have been influential in his need and desire to want more. To that end, I thank Shaun and Marco for their push, guidance, and mentoring. Part of being a responsible soccer parent/ coach is to know your limitations and when it is time to have your child learn from someone higher on in soccer. In that I have the utmost confidence in the technical coaches for PASS.
     If there was any question on whether or not there is value in the services that you provide our youth, I would welcome those questions and answer them on behalf of a coach who is navigating through the ever-changing waters of youth soccer coaching. After having spent a full week with my girl’s team and the technical coaches, I have a greater appreciation for your efforts and goals for our local youths here in Calgary.
     Again, my fondest admiration and gratitude to you. I will continue to use your services in order to advance the skills within the players that I continue to coach now and in the future...
          Duncan, Coach

...just wanted to give you some feedback re: the camp. Cassie has participated in quite a few camps over the years, but I have never seen her so enthusiastic about any of them. She felt it was the best camp she had ever attended. She really enjoyed all aspects of the camp, including the fitness (she said it was some of the best soccer related fitness she'd experienced, as it was focused on the positional requirements), chalk talks and on field training. Cassie also said she learned a ton in 3 days. She is new to the inside mid role this season and she said Shawn gave her some great advice. Every night when Cassie got home from the camp she was so excited about what they had done, it would take her an hour to settle down! I was chatting with some of the other parents and it sounds like their girls felt the same...Well done! ...
          Ruthe, Parent

...Thank you for a GREAT week at the British Invasion camp! Austin and Wyatt had an excellent time - learned lots, had fun and made some new friends. The instructors did a fantastic job - they kept the kids motivated through a demanding week and made it lots of fun (I like the way they kept the kids in line too!). My guys definitely want to come back and to attend your skills sessions...
          Joy, Parent

...This is our first year at PASS, and I must say we LOVE it! My daughter just started soccer this year, and I was afraid her lack of skills/knowledge would make this camp a challenge for her. It WAS a challenge, but she had so much fun and talked about the coaches and other players with great excitement at the end of each day. We will be back next year...Thank you! What a great organization you guys run!!...
          Tanis, Parent

...Baylen is having a blast and wants to come next week as well...
          Shirley, Parent

...I heard from Gavin that he ran into you, (Tommy), at the stampede yesterday.  He had a huge smile from seeing you and touch the football with you.  You continue to be a major influence with Gavin and his hunger for a higher level of play within himself...
          Duncan, Parent

...I just wanted to send a quick email and let you know...(Scott)...was great with our U10 Hampton's comm. team tonight.
     They were all laughing and having a great time. Really enjoyed him and he was very good with that age group...
          Gail, Parent

...Matt,...We were very impressed by your coaching for the indoor Briar Hill U12 team.
     We went to the city league in Edmonton and missed gold by one goal.
     Malcolm...got a lovely goal from the blue line with a good strong kick. It went over the top of the opposition straight into the top of the goal, “that was because the Pass coach taught me how to plant my foot when I take a big kick”. It was the first goal of the tournament and set things up for the rest of the weekend.
     The whole team played very well and actually moved the ball around quite a bit and showed good ball handling skills against teams that were physically bigger. Your coaching did pay off...
          Andrew, Coach